why use an architect?

Architects are skilled professionals that can add great value to a project both financially and experientially. When you hire an Architect they can:

  • Work closely with you and translate your ideas and dreams into a building suited to your needs.
  • Look beyond your immediate requirements to design flexible buildings that will adapt with your changing needs.
  • Create a well designed building that can reduce your bills now and increase its long-term value, saving you money by maximizing your investment.
  • Guide you through the requirements of building codes  and regulations.
  • Give unbiased advice about methods of construction appropriate to your project.
  • Help you choose a contractor and co-ordinate a team of specialist consultants such as, engineers, surveyors, lighting designers, and interior designers.
  • Design with an holistic approach taking into consideration all aspects of the building and its users, and creatively solving problems.
  • Oversee the entire project from start through to completion and guide you through the complex procedures of building regulations, contractor selection, and permitting and construction.

When hiring an Architect you can employ them for your entire project or to guidance through individual parts, depending on your needs. Kevin Moquin Architect  offers full architectural service including:

  • Additions, renovations, and new construction
  • Program development

  • Code Research

  • Permit applications

  • Shoreland zoning guidance

  • Design

  • 3D renderings and animations

  • Construction detailing

  • Contractor selection

  • Observation of the construction process

  • Clients advocate during the construction process

what do we do?

We listen to your needs and understand your requirements. We appreciate that how you live your life is unique to you and you should have a building that complements it. Our design solutions are inspired by the uniqueness of your property, your lifestyle, your values, and your budget. We design what is best for you and your project, not to satisfy our own ego.

Whether you know exactly what you want or you need ideas and inspiration, we can help you maximize the potential of your project. Kevin Moquin Architect specializes in personalized and tailored architectural design. We provide a full range of architectural services for all building projects. The core of our experience is the design of new homes, vacation homes, cottages, waterfront getaways, renovations, and additions. Our experience also includes multi-family housing, commercial spaces, and restaurants.

Maximizing the potential of your project with creative ideas backed up with knowledge, attention to detail, and a practical understanding of how to get it built.

how much do architects charge?

This will always depend on the type of project you are planning and the level of involvement you require from your Architect. To quote figures without knowing the project details would be misleading. Generally there are 4 ways an Architect might establish their fee:

  • A lump sum calculated on the expected work required

  • An hourly rate

  • A fee per square foot

  • A percentage of the construction contract sum

Following an initial free consultation with the client, Kevin Moquin Architect will provide a written scope of work describing services provided and associated costs. This means there will be no unexpected hidden costs to the client. If initially it is not clear how the project will proceed, or if the client wishes, we can provide services at an hourly rate. For larger projects, should the client prefer, a percentage cost can be agreed.